Who we are

TANTRIS is a group of construction technology innovators, architects, engineers and planners committed to developing and implementing low-cost, high-quality housing projects around the globe using innovative building design concepts together with the revolutionary flexmobox mobile precast concrete manufacturing system..

What we do

Using our construction technology and planning expertise, we facilitate the construction of quality housing while boosting economic growth to help alleviate poverty in the world’s poorest countries. Quality housing can be affordable when properly implemented. And this is what TANTRIS is all about. After all, every man woman and child deserves a safe and comfortable home.

How we do it

At TANTRIS, we invest heavily in research and development to continuously make our products and services even better. Innovative products, pioneering design strategies and fresh project development approaches demonstrate the forward-thinking attitude of the TANTRIS team.

TANTRIS cultivates strong relationships and networks around the world to garner the expertise and resources required to execute housing projects locally. We work closely with governments and private partners in the regions in which our projects are located. This creates valuable jobs for local populations and strengthens regional economies while injecting fresh technology, skills and know-how into the target countries. Our experts create a climate that motivates all participants, giving them confidence in the stability of their project. And best of all, our participatory design approach ensures maximum knowledge transfer and long-term project sustainability.

Why we do it

In our vision of the future, communities should comprise not just houses, but safe and healthy living environments. Homes must be built to a good standard of quality and be safe against the elements and forces of nature – from storms and earthquakes to fire and floods. The towns we envision will be sustainable and self-reliant while providing secure and thriving neighborhoods for families and children.

Social housing is affordable housing: A key function of social housing is to provide accommodation that is affordable to people on low incomes.

Our mission is to build good quality, affordable homes and respectable neighborhoods where people can live, work and play safely. We work hard every day to facilitate the rapid implementation of affordable, future-oriented living communities using local resources and local manpower while transferring know-how to give people hope and empower them to shape their own future.

He who says it can’t be done should not interrupt the man doing it.

flexmobox Technology

The innovative flexmobox technology was designed from the ground up as a mobile precast concrete construction system that will radically change fast-track housing construction.

Lightning Fast

Build up to three small houses per week with a single flexmobox 30 unit. With a daily production capacity of up to 30 linear meters or 100 square meters of wall panels, each flexmobox unit requires only two workers to operate. Even unskilled workers can be quickly trained to produce consistently high quality using the flexmobox system.

Totally Flexible

The innovative flexmobox production platform for precast concrete wall panels can be adapted to almost any construction design. Variable formwork elements can accommodate all kinds of design specifications. With the flexmobox: If you can think it, you can build it.

Absolutely Mobile

Packed into a standard 40-foot shipping container, the flexmobox can be quickly and easily deployed anywhere in the world. Three workers can set it up and take it into operation in a single day. And once a project is completed, the flexmobox can be easily packed up and shipped to the next construction site.

High Quality

Aside from the obvious benefits of ultra-fast construction, houses built using the flexmobox technology are solid, high-quality structures that will resist the elements for decades and provide home-owners with safe, healthy and comfortable homes that are also environmentally friendly.

Low Cost

The flexmobox builds on tried and tested precast concrete technology for saving costs without compromising quality. Precast allows planners to specify cost-saving designs with extremely fast completion times to ensure construction work is always on time and in budget. With the flexmobox, improved quality at lower cost is no longer a contradiction.

Truly Sustainable

The flexmobox technology is easy to learn and precast concrete, as a natural, mineral-based product, is environmentally friendly and ecologically sound. The required raw materials and manpower can be sourced locally in most cases to create valuable local jobs and strengthen regional economies. Environmentally, economically and socially sustainable: the flexmobox technology is a real plus for everyone


Precast concrete is inherently strong and provides better protection than other building materials. Structures built with the flexmobox technology can be specified to meet the strictest seismic standards in regions prone to earthquakes. At the same time, this structural integrity allows buildings to weather severe storms with little or no damage.

On-Site Production

With the flexmobox technology, precast wall panels are produced right at the construction site. This provides flexibility, speeds up the construction process and ultimately saves costs. The combination of factory-like conditions and good quality control ensures the production and delivery of quality products on site, day after day for any size housing project.

Highly scalable

The flexmobox technology is ideally suited for the implementation of large-scale, fast-track housing projects, either to accommodate for population growth or in the aftermath of natural disasters. Its modular design makes the flexmobox highly scalable. You can start small and ramp up production as the need arises.

Meet the Team

These are the talented people behind the TANTRIS vision. They innovate with creative housing design solutions and precast concrete construction technology to improve living conditions around the world.

Guido M. Zimmer
Founder and Chief Executive

Driven by the desire to craft practical and innovative solutions for the growing housing shortage in the developing world, Guido called TANTRIS to life in 2014. As a partner at the German construction technology firm ibc, he was responsible for deploying the mobile flexmobox precast concrete production system to social housing projects. Previously, Guido built up a mechanical engineering prototyping and production plant and ran a software development firm specializing in embedded systems for the automotive industry. He brings extensive project steering and process management experience to TANTRIS.

Klaus Pass
Legal & Finance

Klaus is responsible for all things legal and financial at TANTRIS. He joined the team as a shareholder in 2016 with a strong legal and financial background, coming from a reputable Munich law and accounting firm as a senior managing partner. Drawing upon his depth of experience in contract law and finance, as well as his extensive network of contacts, Klaus brings his excellent track record to bear on our projects around the world.

Axel Kietz
Metalworks and Lighting Solutions

Axel is a master metalworker and responsible for the design and implementation all our precast and in-situ concrete casting systems, whether the flexmobox, KONSTRUKT or the wide variety of formwork that we deploy to do our magic at the construction site. With over 30 years of experience, he guarantees that all TANTRIS solutions are built to the most exacting standards for unsurpassed quality “Made in Germany”. Axel is also the founder of abw Solutions, a well-established German provider of urban and residential lighting solutions using state of the art LED technology.

Peter Weinzierl
Architectural Design

Peter is an exceptional architect with a unique perspective on design. He cultivates a creative approach that builds on the traditional art of the trade while emphasizing the cultural and social peculiarities of future inhabitants. As a proponent of incremental and participatory design approaches, he believes in the power of people and processes. Peter is a founding partner of the Munich architectural design office PW.QUADRAT and the driving force behind our “outside-the-box” approach to developing social housing solutions.

Philipp Wagner
Architectural Design

For Philip, good architecture is people-centric. Design is not just about aesthetics, but above all about functionality that serves to improve the overall quality of life. Philipp is a founding partner of the Munich architectural design office PW.QUADRAT and the signature of his holistic approach is unmistakably reflected in the TANTRIS philosophy of creating unconventional social housing solutions using the simplest means possible.

Sharam Roghani
Renewable Energy Systems

Sharam earned his spurs as an engineer and manager in the automotive industry. He then built up the photovoltaic segment of a reputable German engineering enterprise, before founding the renewable energy conglomerate GEON Group, which has over 120 MW of international solar power projects in the pipeline. Armed with his extensive experience in renewable energy project development, engineering and management, and deep knowledge of implementing electrical, mechanical and structural engineering projects, Sharam oversees the development of renewable energy systems at TANTRIS.

Jassen Kaloudin
Research and Development

With a solid engineering background and extensive experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, Jassen oversees research and development at TANTRIS. A master of simple and ingenious solutions, he is our go-to person when it comes to finding creative answers to challenging problems in the field – an invaluable asset during project implementation in remote or underdeveloped regions with limited technical resources. Prior to joining the TANTRIS team, Jassen was a founding partner of an engineering design and manufacturing technology firm with a special focus on pioneering production methodologies.

Sergio Rosinski
North and South America Operations

Sergio oversees our operations in North and South America. An industrial and systems engineer with over 30 years of experience in construction management, he bridges the gap between construction technology development and market implementation. Sergio has a profound understanding of all aspects of precast concrete with a special focus on production planning, quality control and standards compliance. He has devised numerous innovative building processes and systems to improve quality and productivity while reducing costs. Prior to joining TANTRIS, Sergio served on the management boards of various construction firms where he was responsible for large-scale, turn-key construction projects.

Moustapha Gueye
Commercial Director Senegal

Moustapha is responsible for our operations and business development in Senegal and East Africa. With a strong background in real estate development, he is pursuing his passion for helping the people of Senegal achieve a better living standard. Moustapha has a strong network throughout East Africa that will help make the TANTRIS concept for better living conditions available in the region.

Diomi Kuloka
DRC Operations

Diomi is in charge of our operations the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the second largest country in Africa. He has a keen understanding of the local culture and understands the intricacies of moving projects forward reliably in a very difficult environment. Diomi has been a member of the team from the start and has actively participated in the development of social housing projects, both public and private, in DRC and neighboring countries.