Benefits and advantages of precast concrete

The innovative flexmobox technology was designed from the ground up as a mobile precast concrete construction system that will radically change fast-track housing construction.

Concrete is the most widely used material on earth apart from water. Its superior fire resistance, great strength, long service life and ready availability make it the number one construction material worldwide. As early as 6500 years ago, Nabataea traders in what we know today as Syria and Jordan used a precursor of modern-day concrete to build structures that survive to this day.

Precast concrete is a modern advancement of classical concrete casting that separates the casting process from placement. The mobile flexmobox technology leverages this advantage further by moving the precast production process directly to the construction site.

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The precisely controlled processes and factory-like conditions of the flexmobox technology ensure that every element is produced to exacting specifications in the highest quality and precision with sharp details and excellent resource efficiency (manpower and materials). Molds can be adapted to the specific design of any project. Parts of a mold can be added or removed to produce variably sized or shaped units. This allows precast panels to be customized quickly, easily and economically, resulting in perfectly matched and compatible units. Repetition can be achieved with absolute confidence, for a single piece or for a series of 500. And since precast concrete formwork can be stored indefinitely, perfect replication is never a problem – no matter whether one week later or ten years down the road.

You can count on the quality of flexmobox precast concrete – today and in the future.

Whatever the need, precast concrete can be adapted to fit the requirements. Heavy precast concrete elements support large structural loads, while specific properties such as light weight or extremely low thermal conductivity can be achieved with concrete mix designs that use a wide range of raw materials and air-entraining admixtures. Extremely slender precast concrete elements are possible when using steel, polymer or glass fiber reinforcement. Precast concrete elements produced with the flexmobox are not limited to simple, rectangular shapes. With accordingly shaped formwork, producing a wide variety of contours and profiles is possible. The flexibility and accuracy of the production process means that even arches and curved elements will turn out perfectly every time.

There are few limitations to what you can do with flexmobox precast concrete.

Precast concrete is among the most durable building materials. It provides superior fire resistance compared with wooden construction, is not susceptible to rotting or termites, has a significantly longer service life than brick and, unlike other materials, gains strength over time. Thanks to the incredible design possibilities afforded by the flexmobox technology, planners can specify buildings for extra durability and functionality. The lower water-cement ratio of precast concrete combined with the use of our specially formulated admixtures ensures great strength, high quality and outstanding durability for precise and reliable workmanship that is maintained long after completion. This is where the benefits of precast concrete really stand out.

Precast concrete structures made with the flexmobox have service lives of 100 years and more, depending on specification.

A key advantage of precast concrete in building construction is that it provides a fair faced finish to the walls. Precast elements made with the flexmobox technology are smooth and have an inherently high quality finish due the extremely smooth shuttering table surfaces, specialized profiles and structured molds. All kinds of aggregates and pigments can be incorporated into precast concrete to change the color and texture of exposed faces. Spectacular façades can be easily achieved by wet or dry sandblasting, honing, polishing or acid-etching in the same way that natural stone is prepared to achieve a practically endless array of textures.

Fair-faced concrete made with the flexmobox is also effective from a material efficiency perspective. The myriad finishing options give architects considerable freedom in design. They can combine shapes, textures and colors to achieve the desired effect, empowering them to implement their visions without compromise in stunning and functional, yet cost-effective architecture.

Concrete is not only strong … it can also be beautiful.

Precast concrete allows construction teams to preinstall utility access, fixtures and other elements. Some of the more common fittings include conduits and boxes for electrical installations and plumbing; even windows are possible. Utility panels can be added and installed during the casting process, ensuring immediate access to utilities and other elements without the need for later revision or alteration. Modules can be checked by electricians, plumbers and other specialists before they are installed. Construction crews only need to worry about connecting units since each piece will be operational before placement.

Pre-installation of services and fixtures is the clever way to simplify both construction and later maintenance.

Precast concrete stands up well to severe rain and storms, even hurricanes and windblown debris. It provides better protection than other building materials because of its inherent strength and structural integrity. In fact, precast structures can even be specified to meet the strictest seismic standards in regions prone to earthquakes.

In humid, tropical regions and harsh environments other materials will struggle to match the performance of precast concrete. The fact that it does not erode or rot make the task of cleaning up after a flood easy and straightforward. Precast buildings typically need very little remedial treatment following water damage. In many cases, some minor patching and a coat of paint are all that is needed.

Precast concrete houses stand up to the most extreme conditions.

Precast concrete buildings provide excellent fire protection without the need for additional measures. This is because concrete is inherently non-combustible with poor thermal conductivity. When exposed to intense heat, the walls of a precast building maintain their structural integrity without emitting toxic fumes. They act as a fire shield, compartmentalizing the flames and preventing them from spreading to adjacent rooms. This built-in resistance to extreme heat is why precast concrete has the highest fire resistance classification of A1 under EN 13501. During a fire, precast concrete buildings normally sustain only minor damage with no structural impairment and only few repairs required afterwards.

With precast concrete, fire protection is built in free of charge.

Precast concrete is a dense material that absorbs and stores heat remarkably well. In fact, concrete has the highest thermal mass (volumetric heat capacity) of any commonly used building material. But, it also has relatively high thermal resistance, which slows down the transfer of heat energy. Taken together, these properties allow concrete to act as a thermal buffer, balancing daily outdoor temperature cycles to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures. When intelligently combined with ventilation and solar-gain strategies, precast concrete’s thermal mass and thermal resistance properties can reduce or even eliminate the need for air-conditioning in hot climates and heating in cold regions. At TANTRIS, we exploit these principles to develop intelligent, highly efficient precast wall designs adapted to the specific climate conditions at hand.

Precast concrete’s thermal efficiency saves energy and improves living comfort.

Precast building elements make for a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. Besides being among the strongest and versatile construction materials, precast concrete provides a significantly higher noise transmission-loss value than most other wall materials. It is the mass of concrete that attenuates noise, whether from other rooms inside a house or from outside. The superb acoustic separation ensures privacy and effective sound reduction.

Precast walls and floors are ideal for creating quiet and peaceful homes.

Unlike organic building materials, precast concrete does not rot. The high alkalinity of concrete makes it highly resistant to mildew and fungus. Termites and other infestations such as rats and mice cannot harm this versatile material. Specifying precast concrete ensures a structure that is highly resistant to many common sources of damage and deterioration.

Say goodbye to mildew, fungus, termites and vermin forever with precast concrete.

Precast concrete is manufactured in a controlled environment. Mix designs using our special admixtures lower costs by minimizing cement content and improve flowability, which reduces the need for vibration. Other advantages of these special mix designs include better early strength for faster turnaround times and reduced water-cement ratios for superior compressive strength and durability.

The mobile flexmobox technology was designed from the ground up to be easy to operate and maintain. It can be set up easily in a protected setting, making it less vulnerable to delays from inclement weather. Whether wet or dry, hot or cold, production can continue. Precast panels can be produced just in time or in advance and stored directly on site for later use. Either way, producing precast elements directly at the construction saves time and expenses for transport. And reduced construction times result in shorter durations for site facilities, supervision of trades and equipment hire – and, ultimately, significant cost savings.

Improve your construction efficiency with the flexmobox precast concrete technology.

Precast concrete is predestined for implementing large-scale, fast-track construction projects that call for cost-efficiency on extremely short construction schedules without compromising quality. The flexmobox technology allows precast elements to be produced directly on site, which provides extra flexibility and speeds up the construction process even further. The combination of factory-like conditions and good quality control ensures the production and delivery of quality products, day after day for any size housing project. Planners can specify designs to improve efficiency, reduce waste, save costs and ensure extremely fast completion of construction work – on time and in budget.

The flexmobox precast technology will give you peace of mind during fast-track project implementation.

Precast concrete is made predominantly using natural aggregates abundant in most regions of the world: sand, coarse and fine stones from rock quarries or river gravels. It thus lends itself well to using local resources (raw materials and labor), which bolsters regional economies and employment.

At TANTRIS we believe in locally sourcing both raw materials and labor whenever possible, which is why the flexmobox precast technology facilitates this approach. Even unskilled workers can be trained to operate the flexmobox technology to reliably produce precast panels of consistently high quality, time after time.

The flexmobox precast concrete technology encourages the use of local resources, bolstering regional economies and employment.

At TANTRIS, quality of life is a clear priority. That is why we like precast concrete so much. Its significant mass provides a comfortable indoor living climate by naturally regulating both humidity and daily temperature fluctuations. It is a relatively inert, non-toxic and alkaline material, which makes it highly resistant to unhealthy mildew and fungus. Its inherent strength and durability provide extra safety from all kinds of extreme weather conditions, fire, infestations and even earthquakes. Best of all, precast concrete’s unique properties ensure that built environments will last for generations, not just for today.

Precast concrete houses made with the flexmobox technology have quality of life built right in.